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15 Years of Reflection

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15 Years of Reflection

15 years ago last week was the accident that changed my life…sometimes it seems like years ago, other days I remember it like yesterday.  Seems the day is flooded with memories rushing back from hospital days, recovery days, and then the more reflective what if days.

What if my career had stayed on track and I was still in television? What if I didn’t have scars racing across my body every time I looked in the mirror?  What if I hadn’t had to spend five years of my life battling to some sense of normalcy?

But what good are the what ifs?  I can’t undue what has already been done.  Now it’s a matter of finding the Silver Linings in what is still a painful past.

Answer the what ifs?  Maybe, but with a better spin.  What if I had not been able to be at home to teach my three miracle children how to deal with life’s obstacles? What if I had never been given such a powerful story that audiences are silenced? What if I had never really grasped what is most important about life and recognized that Im still learning that every day?

We can dizzy ourselves  with the What ifs, or we can smile and replace them with the When I’s.  When I publish this book I can reach thousands more than with my voice alone!  When I go back to work it will be with renewed purpose and excitement! When my children and my children’s children read this book, they will see a life lived out in Faith, with all it’s stumbles and falls and climbs and victories!

That’s what 15 years of reflection brings about…some sad distant memories and many victorious celebrated accomplishments…with more to come When I…

Silve Lining for the Day:  Let the memories of pain linger at a distance, but may the hope for the future.

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