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As I write this blog post on September 11, 2012, the television is replaying the fall of the Twin Towers. I remember that day, as I suppose we all do. I remember watching the coverage and the urgent need to call my husband. I also remember that amidst all the chaos and fear and angst everyone had that day, I was given peace.

It seemed that at every turn alongside the horror, I saw God’s hand. Strangers rushing to help one another, single flags flying unscathed by the fire, stories of heroes calling home before they rushed the cockpits and saved untold numbers of people.

That was the day I knew I needed to write my book. Remote Fears & Silver Linings tells the tale of a horrible personal tragedy I suffered and the blessings God gave as gifts through it all.

15 years ago this September I was working as a reporter/photographer at WOI-TV5 in Des Moines, IA. I had finished my assignment for the night and headed back to the station to se if anyone wanted to grab dinner. I found a colleague of mine running around the station in a panic…his photographer had been called away to a fire and he wasn’t sure how he was going to get his Live shot on the air by himself. I volunteered to help, and that’s the last thing I remember about September 3, 1997 and the months to follow.

My colleague raised the mast of our Remote Live truck into electrical lines and after a loud explosion I ran around the van to come to his aid. The electricity then found me and I was immediately knocked unconscious. I suffered 3rd and 4th degree burns to 12% of my body, but the worst of it was my head hit the electrified van.

What followed was years of surgery and recovery, all painful and all exhausting. But what also followed was this amazing peace through it all. A victorious gift of purpose that my life had been spared for a reason, and it was my job to figure out what that reason was and to accomplish the tasks before me.

Right now, that book is my goal. Remote Fears & Silver Linings tells the story of my accident and the years to follow, tracking not only my journey, but the aftermath of such an event on an entire family. Could it be that September 3, 1997, a life-altering day in my life, really wasn’t about me at all? Could it have been God’s way of waking us all up to His Glory and our failings?

Silver Lining for the Day: There is peace to be found in 9/11, and amidst our own personal tragedies. Isn’t that a gift we HAVE to share?

Have you seen Silver Linings in your life? Post about them here…I’d love to hear your story!

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