In all of life’s challenge, there comes a Silver Lining… Can you find it?

SilverLining Cover

In the four minutes it took the first paramedics to arrive, some decided I was dead. I didn’t like that decision. I wasn’t ready to go. So I fought. September 3, 1997. Nineteen years ago a near tragedy took place in Des Moines, Iowa. While setting up for a Remote Live Television Broadcast a colleague of Kimberly Arms Shirk raised the mast of their Live truck into electrical lines grounding a path for 13,000 volts of electricity first to the colleague and then after a daring rescue attempt, coursing through the body of Kimberly. Burned over 12 % of her body and face, and against all odds, she survived to tell the story of a devastating physical journey and spiritual healing through it all.

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