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Floating Flowers

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Floating Flowers

September 3 is usually a difficult day.  For me memories of 28 surgeries, a shattered career, a path not chosen and what could have been rush back in even after 19 years of passed time. But this year was different.  I’ve been journaling off and on about my electrical accident ever since I  regained the strength to move my muscles again, the ability to think clearly and understood what had happened to me on that fateful day. One day, I told myself, I will write the story for my children, the three angels that at one time never knew could exist. I wanted them to know how hard the worst part of my life was, but that my faith, family and friends got me through it.  I wanted them to be prepared, God forbid they would ever encounter a beast like the one I did.

I always loved to share my story the impossible turned possible. I would speak of my accident and the response I got was amazing…I would share my story at a church, in a business, or in an interview and others would respond telling me their deepest fears and the battles they were facing.  It’s amazing how a little triumph can go a long way and reverberate hope for others, so I knew I had to write this book, not just for my children and my own healing, but to share the hope that I had found in the midst of tragedy with anyone who was facing an uphill climb.

This Saturday, September 3, 2016, was the beginning of that journey as I began the task of sharing my story with the world. This anniversary I was flooded with messages of encouragement from friends and family, people asking about about the book and letting me know they were excited to read it. This year, my anniversary felt like hope.  Like moving forward, like a reversal of the events so long ago. It felt like floating clouds on a path to reveal sunshine…the place I find my silver linings. So when this flower arrangement arrived on my doorstep from my amazing team at work, I felt those silver linings surrounding me.

flower arrangement

It’s yet another gift I wanted to share with you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your encouragement on this project. I cannot wait to see where it goes!!!

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