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Interview: Caffeinated Thoughts Radio

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Interview: Caffeinated Thoughts Radio

How excited I was to have my friend, Brian Myers reach out to me about an interview on his radio show, Caffeinated Thoughts Radio. To hear the full recording of the interview listen here: Not only am I excited about the book and ready to share the message with everyone I can reach, but the Myers family holds a special place in my heart.

Brian’s sons, Steven and JD, saved my life the day of my accident. Well, let me be clear,  God saved my life that day, but he used several vehicles including those two young boys.  Steven ran toward the explosion literally took the shirt off of his back and put the flames that had engulfed my colleague David and I out, at the same time sending his brother JD to call 911. For that I will be eternally grateful!

After the interview was recorded, Brian and I had a few too brief moments to connect again in many years and as both of us reflected on the amazing miracle of that day, we were reminded of the blessings that came our way.

Brian, thank you and the entire team for the opportunity to speak with your listeners, thank you more for raising selfless boys who ran toward the danger to help a stranger.

To hear the full recording of the interview listen here:

The Silver Lining: You never know how you may be called into help another human being, but the willingness to do so could change the course of someone’s life forever. Be ready

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