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KLKN-TV8 Interview

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KLKN-TV8 Interview

The other side of the camera is a strange place to be. For many that might be behind the camera, but for so many years I was the one interviewing, so it still seems strange that my story is the one they want to hear.


KLKN-TV8, my former station, called yesterday to see if I had time for a quick interview about my book, and I was excited. I have many friends still there and their encouragement means the world to me. I met the young reporter, Marlenia Thornton in the atrium of our building, happy to be able to carry her tripod…there was always too much equipment to carry by yourself. She was kind and considerate asking questions but eyeing the clock, mindful of our short time together before I raced to another meeting.

I was sure I had given her some decent soundbites to use (after years of training I still can hear them in my head, calculating when I would edit) And even as I watched the news story later that night, encouraged by feedback from friends, all I could see is what was…what could have been. It was a really nice story and well done, but for me it still brings a little sadness. I thought maybe 19 years would have dulled my heartache over losing a career I loved, but as I watched once again, what I saw was loss. Heartache sometimes doesn’t disappear, just becomes painted over by other joy. I love my job and would quite likely never had been where I am today had my life not shifted on September 3, 1997…and yet sometimes being on the other side of he camera doesn’t feel so good.

Finding the Silver Lining today: Where one door closes another swings wide open. Thankful for the door I’ve walked through now!

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