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Press Release: ONLINE BOOK LAUNCH: September 3rd

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Press Release: ONLINE BOOK LAUNCH: September 3rd

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Kimberly Arms Shirk


August 2016



September 3, 1997. Nineteen years ago a near tragedy took place in Des Moines, Iowa.  While setting up for a Remote Live Television Broadcast a colleague of Kimberly Arms Shirk raised the mast of their Live truck into electrical lines grounding a path for 13,000 volts of electricity first to the colleague and then after a daring rescue attempt, coursing through the body of Kimberly.   Burned over 12% of her body and face, and against all odds, she survived to tell the story of a devastating physical journey and spiritual healing through it all.

REMOTE FEARS & SILVER LININGS is a documented television reporter’s account of the initial accident, the five years of surgery and therapy that ensued, and the hope found in the healing process. While we as a society search constantly for meaning in life, Kimberly maintains that by simply changing our perspective, one can find hope and healing in any situation. Kimberly survived to tell a story many have not. She is the voice of light in the darkness and she has lived it out her entire life.

ONLINE RELEASE DATE: SEPTEMBER 3 Books are available to purchase on:

Outskirts Press ( 10% discount

Amazon & Kindle ( )

Barnes & Noble ( )

About the book: REMOTE FEARS transports the reader from the newsroom to the hospital to the real life everyday situations we all find ourselves having to deal with. The inspiring account of Kimberly’s story doesn’t just stop there.  It encourages us all to look at how we view our lives.  Are we a self-centered, and so internally focused that we are blind to see the blessings that can come from tragedy?  Are we able to see the SILVER LININGS in the everyday coping of what seem like overwhelming circumstances?  Kimberly knows that we can, if we wake up every day searching for the SILVER LININGS. Will you join her in that journey?

About the author: A television reporter turned motivational speaker and writer, Kimberly Arms Shirk has found a new channel for her voice, a new way to tell her story.  She does it with humor, painful truth and amazing victory. Shirk resides in Lincoln, Nebraska with her husband Chad and their three children, Caleb, Logan & Addison. She is a Senior Marketing Strategist with Talent Plus and a motivational speaker sharing her story whenever the opportunity arises. To book a speaking engagement or purchase a signed copy of REMOTE FEARS & Silver Linings, visit or email

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