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Silver Lining Cookies

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Silver Lining Cookies

As I approach the nineteenth anniversary of my accident, there are similarities to other years. This is usually a week of highs and lows for me; incredible highs, realizing how far I’ve come from the seemingly lifeless body lifted into the ambulance on that fateful day, and incredible lows feeling like I’ve still lost a part of me that I’ll never regain.

This year everything is amplified.  I’m so excited about releasing my book, “Remote Fears & Silver Linings,” and excited to see where this new journey will take me.  I’m a little nervous about so many of the deeply personal moments of my life in print for all the world to see. And as with every year, a little sad about what that day meant for me…the what-ifs and should-have-beens creeping in on me.

But this year I have more than my incredible family and close friends to lean on. This year, because of the online release of my book today, I have a full cheering section of well-wishers lavishing encouragement my way, just as they did the days, months and years after my accident.

And this week I saw a literal picture of the love and encouragement people carry within themselves, willing to share the moment they find an opportunity. I work with wonderfully talented, caring people who celebrated with me with silver lining cookies this week. They have known this book is a passion of mine from the early days when I walked in and they were not going to let this special moment pass by without celebration. That is the mark of a truly great culture. Embracing each other through the highs and lows…for that I will be forever grateful!

Silver Lining for the day: People are wonderful…embrace every opportunity to show how wonderful you are.


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