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Silver Linings Chocolate

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Silver Linings Chocolate

I’m not a coffee drinker.  Never have been and neither is Chad, my husband.  The is joke that there is a bag of Starbucks coffee in our freezer and when guests come we pull out and dust off the coffee maker we were given as a wedding gift 19 years ago, open up the freezer and tell our guests they’ll have to make there own.  And they do.  Or they drive to Starbucks.

So when I receive an invitation to meet for coffee, which I love to do, I always say, “Sure,” I’d love a hot chocolate. This is funny to my friends who are coffee connoisseurs.  “How can you not like coffee?” they ask, “It’s how I get through my day.” And yet as often as people have tried to convince me to start drinking coffee instead of the occasional afternoon caffeine jolt from Dr. Pepper or Coke, I just can’t do it. There are days when I think, other than my husband, I may be the only surviving non-coffee drinker on the planet, and yet I can’t convert.

Isn’t that a little representative of the way life works some days? Does it ever feel like everyone in the world is following one thought process, and you see something different? In my mind it never means one is right over the other, it just becomes an opportunity to test your dreams, your vision for possibilities. Can you muster the confidence to stick to what you believe even when others don’t see it?  And if you dare to try, what rewards could you find?

So when I join my friends for “coffee,” and order hot chocolate I take in the warm, sweet indulgence of a drink I love filling me with happiness just as coffee does for so many friends. For me, there’s nothing like the perfect hot chocolate.  And sometimes it even looks like a silver lining; a cloud of whipped cream, the foam of white and even an occasional sparkle of silver candy.  When you know what you like, you know what you believe, drink it in and keep believing.


Silver Lining for the day: You Be You, even if everyone else thinks differently.

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