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Silver Linings in San Francisco

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Silver Linings in San Francisco

Before I even knew the timing of my book release, friends I have known for 22 years and I decided on a trip to San Francisco.  We met at Georgetown during a summer journalism program, IPJ because our names were alphabetically matched. That summer planted lifelong friendships that will forever be a blessing to me. We met to reconnect, to substitute “What’s App,” (which we love) with face to face catching up and to attend the “San Francisco Writer’s for Change” conference. Reminiscing about the early days of our friendship, brainstorming about our next writing projects and talking about life in general and the world we live in with our families, our jobs, and our dreams was inspirational, as it always is.

There are days when life gets hectic.  Children get sick, schedules get busy, sometimes it feels like swimming upstream against great currents just trying to tackle the never-ending list of to-do’s that come with each day. But there are moments in life when things slow down, just a little bit.  You can breathe in the air, laugh at a slogan on a coffee cup, really check in on life with friends and share a glass of good wine. Sometimes your backdrop is the Golden Gate Bridge and you can stop for a minute to think of the engineer who must have dreamed of building a bridge so strong that it would sustain the weathering of cars, trucks and miles and miles of dreams. Could he have ever imagined it would become a memorable monument for friends and families across the world to gather and feel for a moment that each day of life is a timeless gift?  That is a gift.

Thank you Dana, Michelle, Julie for all the ways you sustain me, encourage me, lift me up.


Silver Lining for the day: Each of you.

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