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Windshield Cracks and Life Lessons

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Windshield Cracks and Life Lessons

I spent the  other day fixing the car…gosh I hate that…who really wants to be stuck in the repair shop for an oil change only to know that the most pressing thing to do next is go and get the chip in the windshield fixed at yet another repair shop?  It’s gonna be one of those days. But it needed to be done…that speeding semi would have to go and shoot the pebble directly in my line of sight !?!?

So for about a month now my eyes we’re dancing between the close up silver chip slowly spreading its wings to throw my vision in yet another direction….away from the oncoming traffic,  to the all important question of how many more days I could last before the windshield became a divided river of perspective both impairing my vision and causing an accident?

Mercifully,  both took minimal time and though after the windshield was finished I could still see enough of a chip to distract me, my driving was yet again focused on the road before me…the miles yet untravelled.

Thankful for the fix, I took aback the mechanic by stretching out my hand for a hearty handshake of thanks.  His tattooed arms frantically accepted my handshake and nearly knocked him over, he was so startled to be thanked.

My guess is most people had stormed in their demanding an immediate fix to their over-scheduled  lives and just as it was for me, the
Chip in their windshield was more than a bother.  But once I returned to my car, I found that I missed it.

The Silver streak ever growing across my windshield demanded that I purposefully shift my focus around its path to see what was immediately looming in front of me…traffic.

How often do we do this? Fnd ourselves proccupied with the what ifs and should haves that we forget the blessings and urgency of today. Thre are no promises of tomorrow, truly only what we have today.

Can you find those silver linings and blessings today? Or will you stay focused on the spreading crack holding you hostage to a future you may not even experience?

Silve Lining Thought:  Appreciate the blessings of today!  Let the anxiety of tomorrow go!

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